Regulatory Structure

  • Regional Chapters: Executing national objectives and building decentralized centers of enablement and excellence
  • Policy and Business align for seamless and growth
  • Policy alignment at district level – create enabling Ecosystem
  • Industry champions National and regional growth stories
  • Titles and tournaments become vehicles of best practices
  • Establish best practices to protect India’s athletes – data protection measures
  • Centralize player pool under the regulatory outlook – standardize ranking

Rules & Regulations

The set of guidelines by FEAI are made in such a way so that there is fair play competition amongst the players. There are some strict measures taken by the federation to avoid any kind of malpractices and fraud activities.

The federation considers players the most important factor in the whole ecosystem and therefore it will ensure that all the data rights of the players are being protected.

The following regulations govern the FEAI’s anti-doping procedures and these are applicable to all the players so that the integrity and well-being of the players is maintained.