About Our Federation

About Us

As India continues to make headway in paving new frontiers in the global economic surge in technology, it is without a doubt that our country promises to be the bedrock of this change.
The FEAI endeavours to play a pivotal role in this renaissance. A representation of individuals from diverse backgrounds, in sports, business, legal, economics and policy, FEAI has been set up to recognise the inherent potential India presents in the Esports industry, which is having a significant impact on India’s socio-economic fabric.
With 26 State Associations, key publishers and tournament operators as partners with the FEAI, the body aims to develop an inclusive, safe, reliable and sustainable Esports ecosystem for businesses with a particular focus on data protection, responsible gaming, holistic wellness, fair play, education and career pathways for both players and athletes.


To foster competitions along with developing a community that unites esport associations, players, sponsors, IP holders and fans within India and to make sure that player’s interest is safeguarded so that they can represent India at a global Level and can pull off many victories.FEAI also aims to create an environment where esport players can compete with the same level and the same support as the players from traditional sports in India.


To create an incredible Ecosystem for esports in India that will be favorable for the generations to come and to boost sustainable growth of esports based on shared value of fairness, transparency and integrity and sharing that growth with players, associations and innovators to make India a leading nation in the esport universe.


The FEAI guidelines are structured to ensure that a fair competition takes place and to protect the athlete’s interest as well. To Keep up with the true spirit of sports.