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My name is Adrian Malsawma and I am currently working as the Procurement Officer for Trinity Hospital's Pharmacy.
My work mainly consist of me procuring medicine for the pharmacy which is a part of the hospital. 
I want the hospital to be the best in our state which is why I give it my all and try my best to meet all the necessary demands of the Doctors and Patients from within and outside of the hospital and pharmacy.
I am also very competitive and enjoy healthy competitions which is why I have never allowed anyone to out perform me in any field of work or activity, I always give it my all and always strive to improve so that I can be a better person as a whole at the end of the day.
Outside of work I enjoy listening to music, playing online games, drawing and exercise. 
I personally dislike people who procrastinate since it shows how unmotivated they are and often I avoid association with such people since it will have a negative impact on my work ethics.