FEAI and JetSynthesys launch ‘Real Cricket Championship’ esports cricket tournament

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  • Oct. 26, 2021, 9:12 a.m.
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JetSynthesys in association with the Federation of Electronic Sports Associations of India (FEAI) announces India’s biggest esports cricket tournament till date – Real Cricket Championship. Real Cricket, developed by JetSynthesys’ subsidiary; Nautilus Mobile is the leading mobile cricket franchise in the world in terms of popularity and competitiveness. The first ever e-cricket world series and tournament will be operated by Jet Skyesports Gaming Pvt. Ltd, one of India’s largest esports organizations with a grassroots play.

India is home to 150,000 esports players and approximately 60,000 teams; the number is estimated to grow over 1.5 million by FY 2025. Ahead of the Asian Games 2022, which will include esports as a medal event for the first time in the history of all such tournaments, JetSynthesys and FEAI announced the Real Cricket Championship at the recently held FEAI national summit on 21 October 2021. The tournament will see qualifiers in every state following which the state winners will participate in national tournaments leading up to a nationwide tournament. This tournament will be held under the aegis of FEAI. The registrations for the tournament will be opened and announced in the coming days. The tournament is expected to see unprecedented participation due to both, the popularity of the game along with the grassroot penetration of Skyesports.

Talking about this tournament, JetSynthesys founder Rajan Navani said, “Cricket enjoys widespread popularity in the country and remains a key focus for us. It is a celebrated sport that is entrenched within the DNA of Indians. In fact, its popularity and following is mirrored in the cricket skill-based gaming category. We wanted to bring together cricket and gaming very early on with the help of our games like Sachin Saga Cricket Champions and Real Cricket. It’s a pleasure  to be able to host and inaugurate the Real Cricket Championship for Indian esports players with FEAI along with Nautilus  and Skyesports.”

FEAI founding director Shri Vaibhav Dange said, “It is our endeavour to build the Esports ecosystem with multiple tournament IPs for India and create a strong talent pool for the world stage. We are pleased to launch this tournament with JetSynthesys. Real Cricket is poised to be the biggest online cricket experience spanning across geographies in terms of participation and talent. It is a true testimony to what we at FEAI would like to achieve for esports in terms of format and reach. We look forward to collectively make it a big success.”

 JetSynthesys senior VP gaming and Real Cricket architect Anuj Mankar says, “Real Cricket is an award winning franchise with over 100 Mn+ downloads that is extremely competitive and requires great levels of skill. The  gaming industry in India has skyrocketed, with esports leading the growth chart, and we feel immense pride in hosting the India’s biggest cricket esports tournament. Esport embodies the digital manifestation of traditional sport such as cricket. Like traditional sports, esports also requires time to train and practice. Keeping this in mind we are glad to be recognising the talent of esports players and giving them a platform to showcase their talents.”

Jet Skyesports CEO and founder Shiva Nandy says, “Indian gaming has immense potential, and the talent which resides in the non-metros often goes unnoticed. Our vision, therefore, to view esports as conventional sport has grown a notch higher with the help of JetSynthesys and FEAI. We are ready and excited to kick start the Real Cricket Championship on our platform.”

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